3D Scanning

Using 3D scanning we can obtain an accurate 3D mesh file of an object. The file obtained from the scanner is in the correct real world scale and it can be used for taking measurements, inspection or for creating a CAD model.

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Reverse Engineering

Using Geomagic Design X we are able to create CAD models based on broken or worn details. 3D scanning is the fastest way to collect measurement data for generating a CAD model. Changing prototypes has never been so simple!

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Accuracy Analysis

We are able to offer an inspection service using a 3D scanner and compare the data from the original CAD model and the measurements from a scanner. The inspection report clearly shows deviations between the CAD model and the product. Accuracy Analysis makes it easy to find manufacturing defects and shortcomings.

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High Quality Photogrammetry 3D models.

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CNC Milling

High Quality CNC Milling Service.

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About us


We are using the Creaform Metrascan 210 3D scanning system combined with the MaxShot photogrammetry addon for increased accuracy. The systems accuracy is 85 microns (0,085mm) If even more accuracy is needed it is possible to measure with a probe (25 microns, 0,025mm). We are able to scan a wide range of objects, from pens to cars.


  • Hour rate: 90€
  • Day rate: 900€
Our office is located at Pärnu Mnt 289b, Tallinn. We are mobile.
Prices do not include VAT (20%).


Amper Engineering OÜ

Reg. nr.: 12198102

Reg. address: Pärnu mnt 289b, Tallinn

Phone: +372 5555 4252

E-mail: ee.nacsd3@ofni

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